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A Graphic / Web Design Unit producing websites, branding, content and copy writing for start ups or existing companies. From content, conception to stationary / logos / business cards, flyers, posters and other advertising material. Print and online promotion / propagation.

Social Media Marketing

The IGEG Unit we help grow the exposure of your business by getting you invloved with social media marketing and sites. Using sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter the main focus will be on using your social media prescence as a long term social branding and marketing tool to increase fans and followers and moreover increase consumer awareness for the services or products that you offer.
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    Using Facebook buttons & apps.

    We use face book apps and SMM techniques to promote you to your targeted audience. Helping develop a strategy that works.

  • Youtube and Google +

    The 2nd biggest search engine in the world is owned by the biggest search engine utilising these two platforms can be essential.

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    LinkedIn Promotion Marketing

    LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations, mainly used for professional networking.

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    Pinterest images with Facebook

    Using image orientated social media sites such as Pinterest to let potential consumers know about your business.

  • Google Plus and Youtube

    Google owns Youtube and so by utilising the google plus experience with Youtube media you can increase relevant traffic.

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    Social Media using Twitter

    Using social media can work for your advantage as a business or provider any goods and services. We set it all up.

At the IGEG Unit web design studio we use the top 6 social media websites to help design and create a practical social media promotion strategy specifically for your requirements. Our social media web site solutions are right for you as an individual or as a business. Contact us now and have a conversation about your web site or company branding. Call IGEG Unit on 07874 365 725 or email or get in touch using social media.