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  • MAY 2015

    A female created world on Pinterest!

    With the use of social media networking sites on the rise, it is becoming more and more important to consider which platforms your business will utilise. They can help with search engine optimisation (SEO) and help reach your specfic targeted audience, engaging potential clients who want to interact with you. You can find our top 6 social media sites in the archive, our number 4 is PINTEREST.

    Various surveys report that the image driven social media networking site is powered by 57% to 97% women at any one moment in time. So if you are a fashion designer, beautician, architect, photographer, make hand crafted goods, sell vintage items, infact if it has a visual element to it then you could probabably make use this networks reach into the female visual cortex.

    As to why it is inhabited by the mainly women? We think it is because digitally, it is easy to organise and write visual lists for later. What do you think?

  • We Are Promoting Driving Instructors

    Google's algorithm is clearly, or is it?

    This month we will be running a promotional offer to help independent driving instructors in NW London with creating a website, branding, marketing and putting there business online. We will contact driving instructors that physically see operating in the Kingsbury, Hendon, Colindale, Cricklewood, Edgware, Mill Hill, Burnt Oak and Stanmore areas of North West London to tell you more about this local promotion.

    It doesn't matter where the work comes from as long as it comes. You are in competiton with many other qualified instructors. We can help you get even more established as an independent approved driving instructor in your local area. Maximising your portion of the pie! Call us and mention the driving schools promotion in May 2015.

  • Hairdressers, Beauticians and Massage Therapists in 25% Offer extended to MAY 2015

    Google's algorithm is clearly, or is it?

    All of and May 2015 we a promoting hairdressers, beauticians and mobile massage therapists in Kingsbury, Hendon, Colindale and Cricklewood. If you have a business of one of these types please contact us for more information on the using our promotional offer.

    Local area list in NW London for this promotion.

    We will take care of everything from site creation to purchase of you name and setting up your business email and social media, we could even set up a shop allowing your customers to order products to collect instore.

    Call us for a friendly chat about getting your business online.

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